Adrian College Skating Recruitment Weekend and Auditions: March 24-26, 2017

Varsity Synchronized Skating and Figure Skating Teams
6th Annual Recruitment Weekend & Tryouts, 2017-2018 Season

Adrian College Skating will be hosting their Recruitment Weekend and Tryouts together on the weekend of March 24-26, 2017.

Recruitment is open to all High School Juniors, Seniors, & College Transfers and runs from Friday 3/24 (exact time TBD) until the afternoon of Saturday 3/25 (2 pm).

Tryouts are for High School Seniors, College Transfers, and Returning Skaters only and runs from Friday 3/24 (exact time TBD) until the afternoon of Sunday 3/26 (4 pm).

Each skater (regardless of whether they are a part of recruitment, tryouts, or both) will stay overnight with a Bulldog, attend a campus tour, skills clinic, team meals, bonding activity, and receive a t-shirt - all complimentary.

Figure Skating:
Friday 3/24

Synchronized Skating (Senior and Collegiate will have a combined tryout):
Saturday, 3/25
Sunday, 3/26
Synchronized Skating (Open Collegiate):
Sunday, 3/26
All Teams:
Sunday, 3/26 - Off ice assessment
March 1, 2017
Questions?  Please contact Head Coach Ashley Carlson at
Senior Synchronized Skating Team / 2016-2017 / Team USA

Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team / 2016-2017
Open Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team / 2016-2017

Adrian College Varsity Figure Skating: 4-Time Defending Midwestern Conference Champions
Frequently Asked Questions:

How many teams do you have at AC?  What levels?

Adrian College Varsity SST is proudly offering Senior, Collegiate, and Open Collegiate Varsity Synchronized Skating for the 2017-2018 competitive season.  

Adrian College is also honored to be the first and only school to offer Intercollegiate Figure Skating at the varsity level.  AC is currently the three-time consecutive Midwestern Conference Champions and is ranked 5th in the nation.  This team features skaters at all levels of freestyle and solo dance.   

What are the academic/skating requirements to try out?

All skaters must be full-time students at Adrian College, maintaining at least 12 credit hours per semester.  Fifth-year undergraduate and graduate level students are eligible, and we also accept undergraduate transfer students. 

US Figure Skating requires all Senior skaters to have passed Junior Moves in the Field, while Collegiate skaters must have passed Juvenile MIF.  The majority of Senior team members have passed Senior MIF and Pre-Gold dance or higher.  The average test level of the Collegiate team is Senior MIF and Pre-Silver dance or higher.  Many skaters on the synchronized skating teams are competitive figure skaters as well.  We also take into account competitive experience, artistry, athleticism, attitude, and work ethic. 

Figure Skating team members range in experience and ability from Preliminary to Senior Freeskate and Preliminary to International Dance.

How much does it cost to skate on the team?

Synchronized Skating and Intercollegiate Figure Skating at Adrian College are varsity sports and are funded by the college.  Funding includes equipment, apparel, ice time, travel/lodging/meals, coaching fees, competition fees, individual practice ice, and more.  Skaters are expected to do some team fundraising for additional guest coaching, international travel, and customized apparel.   

What equipment do you provide?

We provide everything from tights, laces, tape, competition apparel, official practice dress, competition dress, travel outfits, t-shirts, and more.  Athletes must bring their own skates.  The teams also have full access to the rink, sport and fitness center, ballet studio, and more.

How often and when are practices?

The Senior team currently practices 4-5 days a week, which includes 10+ hours of on-ice training and 3+ hours of off-ice training, including Ballet and weightlifting.  The collegiate team practices 3 days a week and has 2+ hours of off-ice training, including Ballet and weightlifting.  The open collegiate team practices 1-2 days a week and has 1-2 hours of off-ice training.   The intercollegiate figure skating team currently has 8 on-ice hours per week.  Training times and schedules may be adjusted from season to season, based on team level and ice availability. 

Do you offer campus visits, recruitment events, or camps?

Yes!  Prospective student-athletes can visit campus any time of the year and receive a VIP tour complete with a campus/rink tour, an admissions and financial aid visit, a meal in the dining hall, and an inside look at the Adrian experience.  Prospective student-athletes may also observe the teams during their visit.  In addition, we host a Recruitment Weekend in conjunction with auditions that includes many fun events and surprises.

Beginning in Summer 2017, we will offer two summer camps:  

Adrian College Elite Synchronized Skating Training Camp: July 17-20, 2017 / website coming Winter 2017

Bulldog Skating Camp: July 20-22, 2017 / 

Can I join other clubs or a sorority?  Will I have time outside of skating?

Yes!  We encourage student-athletes to embrace the full college experience.  Many of our skaters are in sororities, academic clubs, choir, and band.    

I don't see my intended major on the list of available majors.  What do I do?

Students can have an Individually Designed Major by working with their Academic Advisor to create a program that includes relevant courses, internship experiences, and independent studies.  For more information, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at Adrian College. 

How do I keep up with information about the team?

It’s easy!  We share information about the team in multiple ways.

For the team’s schedule, results, and press releases, follow our school’s website at

For recruit/fan information and to follow live practice/competition updates, follow us:

Facebook: Adrian College Varsity Synchronized Skating and Figure Skating   

Twitter: @AdrianVSST

Instagram: BulldogSkating

If you have questions that have not been answered here, please contact:

Ashley Carlson, Director of Skating, ext. 5008